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This book is for those of you that have the desire, drive, and dedication to become exceptional...

You are already a player that continually strives to improve their game with regular, focused practice. You understand the importance of knowing all the finishing combinations from 2-170. But what about all the numbers above those? How far do you go before starting to think about the finish? The answer may come as a shock to you. 

This book continues on from where Darts Finishing Mastery - How To Master the Art of Finishing ends. It concentrates on the vital Second Phase of the 501 game - the Set Up Phase. This is often the most overlooked, and yet one of the most important phases of 501. It literally can make the difference in-between being a good player and being a world beater. That is how important it is. And yet very few players take the time to study this vital aspect of the game.

It takes dedication and a lot of practice to be proficient at this level, but if you are aiming to be the very best you can be, you need to reserve a sizable part of your practice time to learn and master this area of your game. If you do, the rewards can be life changing.

Welcome to the Masters level of Darts Knowledge and Mastery:

Darts Finishing Mastery: Advanced Strategies

  • Begin setting up Your Finishes From 300+
  • ​Master the dartboard once and for all
  • Know Different, Effective Strategies For Finishing, Depending on the Situation
  • Use proven methods that are popular for a reason: THEY WORK!!
  • The ONLY book of its kind available anywhere on earth!!
  • The most in-depth study of 171+ ever attempted
  • All this and much, much more...

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Reviews for Darts Finishing Mastery - Advanced Strategies

Five Stars

Neil G


Great Strategies Galore

Barrie F

Food for thought,
As you approach 170 when do you start thinking about what you should score to leave a finish?
You don’t take out the big fish (170), 167, 164, 161 etc. very often but if you land on 169 or any of the other bogey numbers you have no chance to win the leg on your next throw.
Banging away at the triple twenty to bring your score down is not necessarily the way to go, especially in a tight match with an equally skilled opponent. Sometimes we should be throwing the first dart at treble 18 especially when hitting a single 19 or 20 will not allow the 2nd and 3rd darts to leave a finish no matter what they score…..
Jim’s book is not a light hearted novel, it is more of a study guide for the best approaches to get to the finishing numbers when your score is between 171 and 350.
I am finding that I am avoiding those bogey numbers more than before…lol still not taking out the big ones yet but I am getting more opportunities at them and feel that will soon lead to a few conversions…..
If you are looking to gain an edge or two there are some great strategies and insights in this book……

Website Comment


Absolutely fantastic, Jim!

Not had chance to read it all yet, just the first chapter, but I can tell this is going to be a fine addition to your previous tomes.

Thank you for your perseverance.

Wishing you every success.