Darts Finishing Mastery: All About the Bullseye

  • Remove all mystique surrounding the Bullseye once and for all
  • Know with pinpoint precision when - and vitally - when not to use the Bullseye
  • Knock years off your learning curve
  • Know different, effective strategies for finishing, depending on the situation
  • Gain a massive advantage over your opponents
  • Develop unshakable confidence in your finishing
  • All this and much, much more...

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Reviews for Darts Finishing Mastery - How to master the art of finishing:

Worth more than the asking price

Amazon UK

What a brilliant book well written full of sense. Will be looking at the rest of the series.

Fantastic and helpful book for anyone learning the art of finishing . I've always avoided the bull route but now know I've been...


I now have a greater chance of hitting my out shots. Thanks Jim

All about the bullseye

Mark W

Explains how to give your self an advantage when using the bull in games

This is a must read for anyone who is trying....

Barrie F

This is a must read for anyone who is trying to improve their overall game. Adopting Jim's methods will have you winning more legs and matches against players with similar throwing skills........

Gets right down to it

William S

Lays it out like it is. Gets right down to it. Throwing for the bull's eye should only be done with a degree of foresight.

Five stars


great read, even for this old person who has been playing since the dinosaurs were around lmao

Excellent Book


Excellent book, I have thrown darts for 15 years and this was a game changer! his strategies are very well thought out! I was so glad I downloaded the book I bought the series.

Good if you don't know your shots

SL. Lee

For me I New all the shots anyhow but for a player that struggles on outs and counting this book would be very useful and its free