Darts Finishing Mastery: How to Master the Art of Finishing

  • Know every finish from 2-170
  • Never again stop to workout what you need midway through your throw
  • Instinctively know what to throw for every time regardless of the situation
  • Know different, effective strategies for finishing, depending on the situation
  • Proven methods that are popular for a reason: THEY WORK!!
  • Removes the need for Mathematics completely!
  • All this and much, much more...

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Reviews for Darts Finishing Mastery - How to master the art of finishing:

The best book on darts that I've ever read

John B

Hands down, the best book on darts that I've ever read! If you're serious about darts, you should own every book in Jim's series. Even if you're already familiar with every out on the board, I promise you will learn a lot from these books. I'm just waiting for the next book in the series to be released!

Great for all dart players!!!

Gary Altman

Phenomenal book that not only gives you your outs, it makes it seem "simple".
Contingency plans if you miss your initial target that still manages to keep you on track in taking down outs, that previously would have only set you up for your next turn, that invariably does not happen with more experienced players.

Scoring is one thing, but being able to navigate higher out numbers can really elevate your game and enjoyment of this sport.

My game improved the day I started reading this book - and your game will too!

Chris C

Before reading "How to Master the Art of Finishing" I always thought I had quite a good handle on my game. I've always been good with math, and therefore assumed that I was doing a pretty good job at knowing my finishes, based on my math skills.

I was wrong - and I didn't know it.

It wasn't until I started reading this wonderful book that I realized my thinking about finishing was wrong. Jim Chatterton helped me rearrange my mindset, and after finishing the book I now regularly make 100+ finishes without hesitation, and I see the huge advantage I have every game my opponents must stop and figure out what they should do next.

You will learn to automate the art of finishing, so your math skills won’t matter anymore. You will play better than anyone who haven’t learned this way of thinking about finishing.

I highly recommend this book to players who want to improve their game and their confidence in playing.

Full of great tips and strategies

Barrie F

Probably the most comprehensive guide to all the combinations you should know to become an accomplished dart player. If you are a dart player and want to improve, you should study these strategies and build them into your game plan. No matter how good you are it's worth a read even if it just confirms that you are already going about the finishes in a productive (shot saving) way.

One of the best books I've read

Curtis S

one of the best books I've read. after understanding all the possible outs my game has improved tremendously. I know exactly how to set up my out shots. thank you Jim for this book and can't wait to get the next book in this series.

One star


Very pleased with this book. Clear, consise information that is very enlightening and helpful in bettering darts performance.
This is a five star review, error on earlier, sorry for confusion.

Excellent Darts Book

N. Rouse

I've only had this book (Kindle edition - upon reflection I'll probably buy the paperback too so I can flick around quicker) for a little over a week and already my darts has seen an improvement. Would thoroughly recommend this. Can't wait to see what the future holds now. Great training tips and games too, as well as the finishing advice that the title promises.

Update: I ordered the paperback version for myself... and another 5 copies for my darts team.

Amazon UK

Amazon customer

Excellent book and fast delivery, 5 stars.

Happy darting (and winning)


All of Jim's books are worth having if you are serious about improving your game. I've only been throwing darts for three years now. I finished my first year of league play with a 48 average. After reading his first two books in the off season and practicing these methods of checking out, I have a 53 average part way into this year's league play. I haven't even scratched the surface of these books. There is so much to learn and benefit from.
Happy darting!(and winning!)

Not just for beginners

Robert H

Outstanding Instructional manual...

Michael J

Outstanding instructional manual on how to finish at '01. Jim Chatterton not only knows how to finish a game of '01, he has the ability to teach it and write about it. Great book, 5 stars.

Just buy it!


The author has helped me with an issue I have had for 15 years, learning my outs. This book is NOT an out chart, it is a guide that teaches you your outs and explains it in a way that will make sense and help you remember. I am looking forward to reading the next book when it is released! This book is well worth the money, if you play a league or travel competitively you will find value in the authors knowledge.