There are 7 critical numbers that are so strategically important that there is a book dedicated to them. Every Darts Player should be aware of these “Pillar” numbers, and utilize them in their finishing strategy. Once learned, they will take your finishing to new heights, and give you a massive advantage over your opponents.

If you are a player that has aspirations of reaching the business ends of tournaments on a regular basis then this is for you. This is a book that simply has to be in every Darts Player’s library.

This book is a part of a 4 book series that are designed to give any darts player a complete and thorough education in the art of Darts Finishing. If ever there was a university course in Darts Finishing, this is what they would be teaching:

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If you are serious about trying to improve your game

Barrie F

If you are serious about trying to improve your game this book will set you in the right direction.........absorb and this information will give you a strategic advantage over your regular opponents.......

Another great book by the author!

Amazon Customer

This book enables the average player to realize that there’s much more strategy to the game of darts than he or she first thought.

Definitely one to try

Shane S

I gave this 5 stars simply for the surge of enthusiasm it has left me with. Will see if this can improve my games won to games lost ratio and winning solidifies confidence which, in turn, creates more winning. Thank you for getting this evolved, its much more simplified than what I was trying to formulate/ discover .


JB 123

Good information