Book 4: Advanced Strategies…

Darts Finishing Mastery: Advanced Strategies

Many of you have been asking when book 4 will be released. It has taken me a LOT longer than I initially anticipated, but finally I have some great news:

Darts Finishing Mastery: Advanced Strategies is in the final editing stage, and I am expecting publication sometime in February 2018!



I apologize for the delay in getting this book published. I have written it – and then rewritten it, and then rewritten it again. Several times.

I struggled with the layout and the formatting, not with the content. I wanted to present it in the same manner as Darts Finishing Mastery: How to Master the Art of Finishing, but no matter how I tried, I just didn’t like how it looked.

 I agonized over it for months before eventually realizing that this book is a very special, one-of-a-kind book. The kind of book that nobody has ever attempted before. And because of that, it had to be laid out differently to the other book. Once I realized that, everything fell into place rapidly, and the book you will shortly see slowly emerged from the millions of notes I had made during the planning stages

What is this book about?

This book is the fourth and final book in a four-part series designed to give you a complete and thorough education in the art of finishing.

Each book covers a different area, and together they give the most thorough explanation of finishing ever attempted.

If the other books in this series represent the Bachelor’s level within the DFU, this book represents the Masters level.

These four books make up the core information contained within the Darts Finishing University, and information on how you can join the DFU can be found below:

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The Set-Up Phase

If you watch any of the professional players on television, one thing that stands out is their ability to set up their finishes from a long way out. The very best seem to have a knack of doing it almost every game, and this is the difference between a good player and a great one.

As in the other core book in this series – Darts Finishing Mastery: How to Master the Art of Finishing, knowing what to aim for, at the right time, is the key to mastering the dartboard and taking your game to new levels that is way above that of the majority of players.

The modern game demands that serious darts players begin setting up their finishes from a long way back, many times when they are still in the 300’s. This requires a knowledge of the dartboard seldom found, and takes the educational process way above the normal level found in most tournaments and leagues. This is the final piece of the jigsaw, that when mastered, turns a good, ambitious player into a world class performer.

The setup phase should be an integral part of any serious player’s practice routine. This book assumes that you have already mastered the finishes from 2-170, and that you know them inside out. If not, I urge you to get a copy of Darts Finishing Mastery: How to Master the Art of Finishing, and study them until you know them instinctively.

Stage Two

This book builds on the knowledge of the previous books, and takes a player through stage two of the three stages of 501: The all-important setup stage. This is the area in the middle that is the lesser known companion to the glamour shots, and yet in many ways, this is the stage that sets you up for either success or failure. That is how important it is.

For clarity, the other two stages of 501 are the scoring phase and the finishing phase.

I urge every reader of this book to study it, and integrate it into their regular practice. If you are dedicated and serious enough to put in the hard work, the results can catapult you to the very top, as far as your talent and ambition allows.

Proven Methods

All the setup shots explained in this book are sensible choices based on actual matchplay options, and use the areas of the board that you normally throw at in competition. There are no fancy setup shots that take you away from the main goal of intelligently bringing your score down as much as possible, and they keep you in-line with the trebles you normally throw for.

The whole purpose of the set-up phase is to make the finish as easy as possible for yourself, and the book is written with this important concept in mind.

The concepts and methods employed in the Darts Finishing Mastery series are tried and tested in the real world. There are plenty of 5-star reviews that testify as to how effective they are. The reviews are real because it works. Plain and simple. And it will work for you too…

Watch out for news on the release date of this very important book in the next few weeks…

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  • Sam says:

    Hey Jim, I hope this finds you well. I cannot wait for the fourth instalment. Your words of wisdom have brought my game on by leaps and bounds; I kid you not!

    Shoulder and elbow issues are keeping me off the oche at present, but that allows more time to read and re-read books 1-3. Every cloud has a something or other, eh?

    Wishing you all the best for 2018!

    Warmest regards, Sam.

    PS. Putting aside the agonies of book 4, any plans for a 5th?

    • Hi Sam,

      Thank you for your kind words. Feedback such as this are the reason I wrote the books in the first place, and I am very happy that they are helping you in some small way.

      I’m sorry you are having issues with your elbow and shoulder, and I hope they clear up quickly so you can get back to the oche pain free and ready!!

      Darts Finishing Mastery: Advanced Strategies is coming together nicely, and will be published either late February, or at the latest in early March. I am really excited to finally be able to publish this book, and even though it is complex by its very nature, I hope it will be as helpful as the other 3 have been.

      I currently have no plans for a 5th book, but I do have some exciting plans for the future, once the books are all published and settled down.

      I will be making further announcements during the coming months, but I can tell you that there will be new videos that really explain graphically all the outshots, as well as articles, quizzes and a whole lot more!!

      Thanks again Sam, and I wish you all the very best for 2018 and beyond…


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